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"The Great Pacific Garbage Patch"


Edited by Sophie Lanigan. 

Digital: 2021.

Print: December, 2021. 

How Recycling Ruined the World: a review of Chen Qiufan’s Waste Tide

It’s Freezing in LA!

12 October 2020.

"Stranger Fictions (at Rodney McMillian: The Black Show)

The Noble Art of Writing 

Edited by Mari Shaw.

Philadelphia: ArtBlog, 2019. 

Republished from ArtBlog, 2016; The St Claire, 2017. 

Winner of the New Art Writing Contest by ArtBlog (1000 words category), 2016.

What I’m Reading

Spike, the Meanjin Blog.

20 December 2017.


Review of Abbas: Children of Abraham

Arthur Ross Gallery. 

8 February 2016.



"False Idols and the Art of Love"

Ormond Papers XXXII


172 - 184.


"She Who Hesitates" (Excerpt)

Ormond Papers XXXI


182 – 190.

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